For centuries man has explored the depths of the underworld...

In 1950, those that crawled from the mud searched for a place to tell their stories and share a beverage or two.

The venue for such camaraderie was begun in a small town located in an area conducive to the needs of those early explorers.

Those early visionaries were thirsty. At that time, they brought & shared what ever they had on hand.

As time passed, the palettes of the underground explorers evolved.

In order to address the evolution of those that explored the depths of the earth,
Cooters Pub was established in 1998 to meet the exquisite tastes for the finest members of the caving community.

Those true purveyors of the finest beverages available to cavers are invited to join us at the premier place to wet your whistle, quench your thirst, and share your story.

The staff at
Cooters looks forward to seeing you year after year. We wish you the best of travels, the safest of explorations, and the happiest of times. Come raise a glass with us and we'll fill it when it has gone empty.

Cooters has been established for the eclectic caver that is looking for a premier beverage, registration and approval is required to obtain access to the remainder of this web-site.

Registration applications for the
Cooters Pub web-site are generally processed a couple of times per week.

Please be patient. In order for the Cooters Management Staff to continue the extensive beverage research and development process necessary to meet the needs of the finest patrons this side of Vendor's Road, approval of your Cooters web-site registration request may not be processed until the weekend following your application submission.

Cooters looks forward to providing you and your grotto / affinity group a comfortable environment for social gatherings, great entertainment, and exquisite beverages.

Please feel to contact us with any questions.

Kindest Regards,

General Manager

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